HeyDay Digital Media is committed to facilitating a bridge between your brand and products to a genuine, receptive audience. Our vision to filter out any undesirable traffic leaving your message with only your intended audience. To accomplish this, HeyDay Digital Media has developed its own approach.


Hey process

Owned and Operated In-house: Our network is comprise on ONLY sites that we Own and Operate or manage exclusively. This is the first step in affecting our traffic mix. If we don’t own it we can’t control it. That’s too much of a risk in our opinion.

Original Content: We have a team of content writers whose only job is to add regular content to our sites. All our the content is originally authored, timely and accurate.

Engaged Audience: As a consequence of our quality content, we have a regular readership and following. Most of our traffic comes from organic means mainly search, social marketing and referring sites.

Fraud Monitoring:  “People don’t do what you expect but what you inspect. (Louis V. Gerstner Jr)” We couldn’t agree more. The reality of today’s internet is that not all traffic is “quality” traffic. HeyDay Digitial Media, mitigates this issue by using state of the are Fraud detection monitoring prior to page loads so that you don’t’ have wasted views.